5 Ways to Turn Your School Year Around With Zoom Backgrounds


Whether you’re getting ready for the first day of school or for a virtual graduation ceremony, odds are you’ll want to pick a perfect zoom background to match your outfit and the occasion. To help you celebrate the most anticipated school events and milestones from home, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite free Zoom backgrounds.

We know it’s not exactly the same when you’re remote learning or online teaching from a home office, but using a professional zoom background can help set you up well for the school year. The background you choose helps set the mood for class, getting your students excited to come back to school. If you want to really catch their attention, consider changing your zoom background to match the topic you teach so it. That will help your class stand out in a sea of other zoom meetings.

If you’re a student doing online learning, a fun zoom background can help you stand out from the crowd and show off your interests. Whether it’s a collage of your favorite moments from this summer, a vision board for your goals this year, or just a starry night to cover up a messy bedroom, you’re sure to find the right free zoom background for you. 

12 Best Zoom Backgrounds for School

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite school year zoom backgrounds below to get you excited for every point in the scholastic calendar. While you’re at it consider resizing your zoom background to create a matching custom phone wallpaper. Buckle up and hit mute because you’re about to scream over how awesome these are. 

Just now hopping on the virtual hangout bandwagon? Get step-by-step instructions to learn how to change your Zoom background. 

1.Class is in Session

#freetoedit #remix #school #backtoschool #schoolsupplies #schoolbackground via Picsart

Welcome your students back for the start of this school year. This teacher’s virtual background is a great alternative to decorating your in-person classroom and is sure to get your students attention.

2. Beep Beep!

Did you get your drivers license over the summer? It’s a big deal and you need to let your friends know! Or maybe you’re celebrating the fact that you no longer need to commute to the classroom. Either way, use this subtle reminder in your next virtual classroom.

#urbanexploration #housewall #window #balcony #parkedcar #oldcar #wolkswagen #beetle #yellowcar #retro #vintagevibes #minimal #urbanexploringphotography via Picsart

3. Meet Your Friends on the Dance Floor

zoom dance floor background

Whether it’s Homecoming or the last party of the school year, you’ll want to use this before the DJ plays the last song.

4. Secure Your Class Clown Status

Gunning for the hypothetical class clown yearbook nomination? Cement your fate now. Get the virtual classroom’s seal of approval with a constant stream of funny Zoom backgrounds for the remaining stretch of the school year. Have some competition? Leverage our slideshow maker to wipe out the other contenders and go down in classroom history.

5. Take Your Dog to School

funny zoom background of dog

If you’re having trouble adjusting to the new norm of online learning, this one’s for you. ❤️ We’ve found having a cute pup as your virtual background can work wonders when it comes to staying positive in the midst of an anxiety-inducing lecture. 

6. Mentally on Vacation

Hamnøy I Lofoten, Noruega #landscape #beach #nature #norway #northelights #aurorasborealis #lake #canadianrockies #river #lake #canadianrockievia Picsart

Sometimes zoom backgrounds help you focus on the task at hand. Other times, they’re here to remind us of why we’re working so hard. Put a photo of your next vacation destination as your background. It’ll help spark a fun conversation when you’re in breakout work groups. Or challenge your students to change their background to represent a cool location for your next geography lesson.

7. Summer Isn’t Over Yet

#freetoedit #picsart #paint #createfromhome #pink #remix #remixitvia Picsart

School might be in session, but summer isn’t over yet. Keep the summertime vibes going all school year long with this tasty ice cream themed virtual background.

8. Head in the Clouds

Let your imagination run wild! Unsplash (Public Domain) #sky #clouds #pink #background #backgrounds #freetoeditvia Picsart

Don’t forget to turn this cloudy dream horizontal when editing. This way you can easily get a zoom background that matches your phone wallpaper.

9. Enjoy Vacation Vibes From Home

funny zoom beach background

Ready for spring break? No need to grab a beach towel when you have this vacation zoom background. The bright side: no sand getting *everywhere* + no sunburns. 

10. Walk the Virtual Red Carpet 

Red carpet zoom background

11. You Did It! Celebratory Graduation Backgrounds

It’s such a big deal that we’ve shared a couple here. That’s right – you made it through the school year and are graduating. Whether your party is virtual or in real life, celebrate every moment of it. You’re graduating and there should most definitely be celebratory photos to show for it. Don’t have a cap on hand? No worries, that comes included in the first virtual grad background.

12. Grad Party Background

zoom background for virtual graduationDo a quick change and use this second background for the graduation after-party. G-R-A-D balloons included. 

How To Make a Custom Zoom Background

Are you feeling inspired to channel your own creativity after seeing these virtual backgrounds, but don’t how do you make your own? We’ve got you covered in just a few taps in Picsart. Class is in session – here’s how to make a custom virtual background:

Step 1) Open the Picsart app and tap on the + sign at the bottom of the screen to open the Editor.

Step 2) Tap on Photos to open a photo from your camera roll or scroll down to Backgrounds or Free Photos to select one of our Free to Edit photos to use as your background.

Step 3) Scroll across the toolbar and tap on Fit, then tap on Ratio and select 16:9 (this is the default size for most virtual backgrounds ratio size). Tap Apply to resize your image for a virtual background.

Step 4) Now that you’ve resized your photo, it’s time to get creative! Add Filters, thematic Stickers, play with Text styles (so people remember your name), templates, fun frames, change the background color, use brushes and more.

Step 5) Once you have a finished edit, tap on Next to save and share your custom zoom background.

Don’t forget to upload your new virtual background to your virtual classroom of choice. Now if you’ll excuse us, class is in session and we don’t wan’t to be late.


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