7 Ideas for Product Photography Props


The goal of product photography is to grab the attention of potential customers. So when planning a product photoshoot, you need to get a bit more creative. Using props is one of the best ways to make your photos stand out. These props can help to highlight the product’s intended use, key features, and provide other important visual messages to the viewers. In fact, props can turn a simple product photo into a compelling story, which is an effective way to grab the attention of potential customers. 

Here are some photo prop ideas to use for your next product photography prop

1. Acrylic or Wooden Blocks and Shapes 

Blocks and shapes made from acrylic or wood are some of the most popular props used for commercial photography. Clear acrylic cubes can add depth and meaning to the subject. They can spice up the products you wanted to highlight in your photos and make them stand out even more. Aside from acrylic cubes, you can also use acrylic discs or sheets.  

If you want a more natural and woodsy aesthetic for your photo ops, use a set of wooden blocks or shapes. But if you want to convey a more modern look, spray paint them with colors, such as matte black, neon, or metallic grey. Make sure the colors complement the main subjects in your photo. 

2. Vases and Planters as Product Photography Prop 

Porcelain vases and planters are great for holding a few flowers that can add colors and greenery to tabletop photography. You can also turn them upside down to use as a stand or pedestal for the products you are trying to highlight.   

But the best part about using vases and planters for your product photography prop is that you will have plenty of options to choose from. These photography props are easy to source, and you will fill easily find something suitable to your theme and budget. You can use a short planter made of cement if you want a more earthy look. If you want to give your photos a more modern vibe, go for glass vases or ceramic ones.  

Since you will only use these items for props, there’s no need to buy expensive ones. You should find plenty of affordable but stylish vases in your local thrift stores. 

3. Flowers and Petals as Product Photography Prop 

You can leave the vase and planters behind, and use flowers and petals as props. Beautiful flowers can help to transform a simple product image into something more special. You do not need to use fresh flowers. Fake flowers can come in handy if you wanted a bouquet as props but can’t source fresh ones. Another good thing about using a fake bouquet is you don’t have to worry about keeping them watered. With proper lighting, these fake flowers can look real in your photos.  

If you can, use real flowers instead of fake ones. For instance, if you are shooting for an organic brand, the client will most likely prefer fresh plants or flowers instead of fake ones, since the brand is promoting the use of natural and organic products. When taking perfume photoshoots, fresh petals can be used as props. They are much better than fake flowers. 

4. Fashion Accessories 

If you are aiming to shoot for an eCommerce store that sells apparel, your photoshoot will most likely involve models wearing the clothing from the store. Remember that your goal is to highlight the clothes while also making the models look good. The best approach for this type of eCommerce photography is to use fashion accessories as props. 

Most eCommerce stores that sell apparel want their products to appeal to aspirational people. Thus, you should choose details that give off an “upwardly mobile feel”. Some of the best props to use are sunglasses, scarves, umbrellas, shopping bags, and other items that give balance and emphasis to the scene. If you are working with a designer, discuss what her vision is and try to convey that to the photos. 

If the brand caters to the luxury market, you can use designer shoes, expensive watches, and elegant jewelry as props to give a sense of luxury to the photos. 

5. Food Trays as Product Photography Prop 

When taking product photography, it’s important that the props you use complement the product or are in accordance with the branding of the company. Therefore, choose props that work best for your subjects. For instance, if you are working with food products and ingredients, you should use props that are food-related.  

Trays are the best props to use for food photography. If you are taking photos of baked goods and pastries, a baking tray would be great. It’s also a good idea to use trays that come with a surround, about ½ to ¼ inch high. The surround casts a nice shadow around the edges of the tray, which makes the subjects stand out even more! 

6. Glitter and Mirror 

Glitter adds an element of fun to your commercial photography. It can help to spice up a boring photo of a wine bottle, transforming it into something sparkly and fancy. Just make sure you use the glitter with colors that complement your subject. 

Another way to let your subject shine is to use mirrors. The mirrors can add a simplistic touch while also giving a different perspective to your product photography by showing another side of the product. Mirrors are the best props to use for shooting beauty products, perfume, and all kinds of cosmetic products.  

7. Stones, Shells, and Water 

When shooting product photos of beach accessories, use props that can give a “beach vibe” to the image. Stones and shells are the most ideal props for any beach scene that you wanted to make. The stones and shells can also work best when used along with fake plants and flowers for product photography that has a more natural brand. 

Water, depending on how it is used, can be a bit tricky to use as props. If you want to have water droplets in the background, this should be easy to achieve. Another idea for using water as product photography props is to fill a transparent container with water and then drop the products into it. This is a great idea for shooting skincare products. 


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