A detailed guide on packshot product photography in 2021


Images are extremely powerful and they can make or break the success of a product when it comes to advertising your products to consumers. During an advertising or marketing campaign, your potential customers will often notice the image first, before any accompanying text. The human brain can process a single image 60,000 times more quickly than it can process text which highlights the importance of making your images stand out.

So, how can you enhance your packshot product photography and ensure that they appeal to your pool of potential consumers? In this guide, we will examine the various ways to get the best out of packshot product photography in 2021 and maximise its potential for your business’s success.

What is packshot photography?

Packshot photography is a still image or a moving image that is taken of a product to highlight its best features. It often includes the labels or the packaging of the product. Its intended goal is to highlight the benefits of the product to consumers and increase brand recognition and sales of the product.

Packshot photography, although it is employed as a marketing or advertising technique, is very artistic and concentrates on the aesthetics of the product to give consumers the ideal vision of the product and stimulate their desire to purchase it. Therefore, packshot product photographs should be optimised as much as possible by using varying techniques such as good lighting, the ideal background, top quality photographic equipment and excellent editing software that can retouch the photograph to maximise its quality.

Photo of a photography studio set up to take a shoot.

What is the importance of polished packshot photographs?

Images are processed exceptionally more quickly by the human brain than text or words. Therefore, a photograph can be the central feature of “hooking” your customers onto your marketing campaign. Whether the image is still or moving, it can be instrumental in ensuring that your potential customer base pays attention to your advertisement and remembers it.

Packshot product photography can help you to showcase your product in the best light, both literally and figuratively. Essentially, a packshot photograph can be the central feature that makes an advert memorable and motivates a consumer to seek out and purchase your product over any products supplied by your competitors. Ultimately, this can boost the sales of your product and make your business more profitable and successful.

Photo of a business meeting as the members of the company meet to discuss marketing strategies.

What kinds of businesses can benefit from packshot photography?

Any business that wants to market its products can benefit from professional and polished packshot photographs. Whether your business is using print or television advertising, it can take an array of advantages from high-quality packshot photography.

Packshot photographs can also be used as the central image for your product on your eCommerce website or any website where you are listing your product for sale. With high levels of eCommerce competition, there is a deep need to stand out from your competition and make your image the most enticing and memorable one for your consumers.

Photo of a pair of business people who are celebrating the success of their packshot photographs in boosting the sales of their products.

How can you enhance packshot photographs?

There are several ways in which you can ensure that your packshot photographs are excellent and appeal to consumers. Remember that your photograph is essentially the focus of your product and will likely be the first thing that consumers notice and the primary thing that they remember about your product, as the human brain is extremely visual. In this next section, we are going to explore exactly how you can achieve optimal results for your photographs.

Photo of a photographer getting ready to take the perfect shot.

Concentrate on the composition of the photo

Firstly, the product that you are trying to sell should always be front and centre of the photograph, without extraneous distractions that can confuse the viewer. It should be easy to distinguish the central image from the background and the shot itself should be clean and crisp.

The image should never be fuzzy which emphasises the need to purchase a good tripod that will keep the camera steady when the photograph is taken. Ideally, the tripod should incorporate a bubble level that will alert you as to whether the camera is perfectly straight when you take the snap.

What’s more, it is essential to consider the background behind your image. You do not want a background that is too busy as that can cause a distraction from the image itself. Therefore, try to choose a background that is neutral and clean. More often than not, white or very light coloured backgrounds are the most effective choice as this will make your product stand out within the confines of the image and allow the viewer to intensely focus their attention on it.

Photo of a desk set up with the perfect photo lighting.

Optimise the lighting

Lighting is an extremely important element when taking the perfect packshot photograph. If a photograph is disturbed by reflections or unwanted glare, then you will not achieve the optimum quality of image that you’re looking for. To give a packshot photograph a professional and polished finish, you can use some devices that can help you.

  • Umbrellas: There are used for general lighting requirements and they can soften the lighting, blurring it behind the image so the effect is not too sharp. They can prevent glare from marring your images.
  • Light diffusers: These can soften the light and spread it more evenly to prevent unwanted harshness in your image. They are often used to make an image appear more flattering and improve the aesthetics of the photograph.
  • Softboxes: A softbox can avoid the appearance of harsh shadows and give you a more subtle level of lighting.

Alongside lighting, the use of shadow is also important. The technical term for this is chiaroscuro and it is essential to use contrasting light and shadow within a photograph to maximise its effects on the viewer.

Photo of a high-quality and expensive camera and lens.

Use a high-quality camera and lens

With photography equipment, using the best quality camera and lens will generally help you to achieve a nicer end result. The lines of the image should never be warped and this means that the camera lens should have a focal length of at least 55mm.

You can vary the types of lenses that you use for different products to ensure that you achieve the ideal result for each individual product. There are also specialist lenses available for use in different settings, such as photographs that are taken on water. You can also vary the aperture to allow different levels of light to enter the lens and create different effects for your packshot photographs.

When it comes to the camera itself, the shutter speed is an essential component. Before purchasing your camera, consider the different shutter speeds that it offers.

Photo of a woman using editing software.

Consider optimising the potential for editing techniques

Once you have achieved the ideal image, there may still be improvements that can be made to the photograph. For example, even if the lighting seems perfect and the shot of the product itself looks fantastic, you might need to use a professional service to have the colour adjusted or corrected in order to achieve the absolute best results.

While you can try editing software that is available, it is often more beneficial to use an experienced and trusted company that will deliver the most professional-looking results. An eCommerce business can profoundly benefit from photo editing or retouching as this will ensure that your image looks professional and polished and it will be enticing and memorable to consumers.

Photo of a woman who is happy with the results of her packshot photography being successfully edited.

How to ensure that you get the best out of your packshot photographs

It is essential to aim for the best quality of packshot photography and use the most sophisticated equipment and professional editing services to achieve this. However, you do not have to break your budget to achieve the most polished results. Getting your photos retouched can be quick, simple and affordable. You can get the best results without putting an undue burden on your business’s financial resources with UK Clipping Path.

At UK Clipping Path, you can simply upload your product photos, receive feedback on them within 30 minutes and have them fully retouched within only four hours. Consequently, you will be able to use them for marketing or upload them to your eCommerce website. This quick turnaround time can reassure you, provide your business with an essential boost and ensure that your profits and revenue increase. Overall, achieving a good quality of packshot product photographs can be fundamentally instrumental in ensuring your company is successful.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team at UK Clipping Path for further inquiries about packshot photography editing or to use our varied and high-quality range of services.

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