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93 Fractal Decoration Brushes



About the Product

I was playing around a lot with the fractal rendering tool apophysis, and in the process I have ended up with a lot of nice designs. The results I have used to create brushes, which are nice if you need some abstract decoration or fantasy/magical looking stamps you can add to your design. The included designs could be categorized into various groups like square, circle, spikes or organic designs.

In this product you will find 93 Fractal Decoration Brushes in the following formats:

  • Photoshop Brushes (.ABR, 2500px)
  • Affinity Brushes (.AFBRUSHES, 2500px)
  • Procreate Brushes (.BRUSHSET, 2500px)
  • PNG (2500px)
  • The original colored JPEG renderings

Additionally included are:

  • 47 Photoshop Styles(.ASL)
  • 21 Affinity Styles(.AFSTYLES)
  • Links to Tutorials(.PDF)

These brushes are useful for:

  • abstract and surreal art
  • background decorations
  • fantasy and fractal designs
  • product design
  • magical spells
  • simulate a flower tattoo on skin
  • and much more