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Double Exposure Photoshop Template



Double Exposure Photoshop template

This template has been designed to help you save time and reduce the number of steps. Also, it can help you prepare work environment, pictures mix easily and with less skills and effort to get the needed effects between pictures. You will have the effects through this template

Features :

  • 2 PSD File Horizontal and vertical
  • Resolution: 2500×2000 .
  • Options to improve and increase lighting
  • 100% Layered
  • Easy to edit
  • All separated and grouped elements
  • Amazing results with your photos
  • Manual and photo based tutorial on how to use it
  • Photos not include
  • Here are some links of the two images used in the tutorial of the application step by step.

    New version updates

    In this version, the following have been developed or added : Ability to move and adjust the position of the background properly even after the application of the work . new total of 34 shades of gradation have been added . Addition of masks to layers . Change of background image in case it is not appropriate without starting the steps again . You can change the dimensions of the template either to quite large or small sizes easily . You can set the background color easily . Adding smart filters to the layers . After work application and getting the effect, you can also easily toggle image (background) in case you do not like it or it is not appropriate without starting the work steps again and this is a good feature to save time and energy . You may add new shades of gradation or mix or insert ameliorative additions such as lighting or add smart filters It runs with any installed language for the program.