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Gumroad – Illustration Pack – Brushes for Procreate By Randy Vargas



Really excited to finally share these with you!

*You’ll get 14 brushes for Procreate mindfully crafted for painting*

I’ve been struggling with Procreate since I first got it, back in 2016, don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome powerful tool, but any time I tried it, I ended up waisting my time trying to find a brush that could do what I had in mind. And that hasn’t never been the case, in all this time, after trying and trying, probably all the thousands packs you’ll find online.

So I decided to create my own and this is the result. I used my favorite Photoshop brushes as the start point and builded from there. If you come from Ps you’ll probably find some -really wanted- similarities. I didn’t included a few that I do consider esential like a big soft airbrush or something for proper drawing, Procreate has those already natively.I have a few process videos were you can see how I use them and definitely will do more in the future:

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Hope you find them as useful as me and please, let me know what you think.

Shot me an email if you have any questions I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. Enjoy!