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Lumi32 – Luminosity Mask Plugin



What is Lumi32?

Lumi32 is the future of luminosity masks. It creates pixel-precise 32 bit masks that can be crafted and shaped in anyway with just the push of a slider. Watch the video to the right to find out more.



Features of Lumi32

  • 32 bit luminosity masks, expertly crafted from years of experience, that will give you the best possible selection in your photos.
  • Mask generation done outside Photoshop for greater precision and greater tone seperation.
  • 100% user-defined masks, which means you can create your own presets within the plugin that you can quickly access whenever you need.
  • Create precise masks based on individual RGB channels.
  • Harness the power of LAB mode and Saturation masks.
  • Gain pin-perfect control with Zone Masks.
  • Point and Click for absolute convenience.
  • Convenient live histogram that shows you every single tone included in your mask.