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Monster Skin Brush Set



Monster Skin Brush Set

33 unique Photo based Hi-Res dynamic Brushes


  • raw meat
  • ribs
  • wounds

Check out the brushes in action!

Not only Stamp overlays, you can actually paint with them.

Great base for creature design, or you can use them to add an extra layer of texture as well

It helps you find the happy accidents during the painting process

The Brushes are compatible with Photoshop CC+ and Procreate 5.0+ as well

Please be aware these won’t give you the final result within one brush stroke! They either need some overpaint or need some base if you use them as overlay textures

Please feel free to give feedback, I’m working towards to make the best possible tools for you!

Have fun! 🙂

Don’t forget to import your brushes if you’re using Procreate! Check out the tutorial below for more details!