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TinyPNG and TinyJPG 2.5.0



Compressing images just got a whole lot easier

Save your compressed JPEG and PNG images directly from Photoshop. Install the plugin and you will be ready to go. A new menu option will appear in Photoshop from where you can resize, preview, select a folder and save your images.


Preview and save directly

No need for additional steps in your workflow. Directly save your images with exceptional JPEG and PNG compression.

Image scaling and partial selection

Scale your images to save them in different sizes. Create a marquee selection or user slice to export part of the image.

Automatic JPEG and PNG quality

You no longer need to worry about optimum file sizes. The plugin analyzes your image and sets the quality intelligently.

Worry-free color management

Images are converted to sRGB for maximum compatibility. Whether you use color profiles or not – it just works.


Will it work with my version of Photoshop?

The plugin is designed to work with many versions of Adobe Photoshop. It will work with CS5, CS6 and CC 2013, up to CC 2021.

Please note that the Photoshop plugin is not supported on macOS using the M1 processor.