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Ultimate Procreate Portrait Bundle



About the Product

Create stunning portraits in just a few taps with the Ultimate Procreate Portrait Bundle!

What’s inside:

  • 81 facial feature brushes
  • 20 texture brushes
  • 4 template files (front, profile, 3/4, colors)
  • 3 comprehensive video tutorials (1h+)​- 4 BONUS color palettes
  • Lifetime updates when new brushes are added to this set
  • $100+ value!

​This high-quality brush set was made to simplify the portrait drawing process by combining facial feature brushes (faces, eyes, noses, lips, etc.) and texture brushes (skin texture, eyelashes, hair, etc.)

Use the facial feature brushes to stamp parts of your portrait and create a sketch in just a few taps, then add colors with the various easy to use, time-saving texture brushes.

If portrait drawing is new to you, you can also watch the step-by-step, in-depth video tutorials provided in the bundle to learn how to draw a face like a pro. If you’re a pro, you’ll be able to streamline your creative process and save precious creative time.

New to Procreate? I’ve created a selection of short video tutorials to help you get started!