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Collage templates can be super useful for so many different types of projects. Whether you’re wanting to create a photo collage or moodboard, a collage template can make your workflow easy and quick. But how do you create one? In this post I will walk you through how to create a simple collage template in Adobe Photoshop.  

There a multiple ways you can create a collage template in Photoshop. I’ll show you two ways I create templates: Layer Group Method & Shape Tool MethodI prefer using Layer Groups because it helps maintain an organized workflow. However, both are great ways to approach collages depending on how much editing you plan to do to the images in the document. You can download the FREE templates at the end of the post.

Layer Group Method: 

For this approach, you will be creating Layer Groups for each section of the collage and then adding the image layers underneath each layer group.

1. Create A Blank Document 

Go to File> New. In the New Document dialogue box choose your heigh, width, and resolution of the document. If you are creating the collage for print, you would want to go by the specific document set up for the type of print you are doing while minding the bleed, margins, and other print elements. I’m going to do this tutorial on 8×10 in document.  


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