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Create your own Spaceman illusion in no time by following this simple tutorial below.

Untitled-2Open your background image in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-3Click the Composite button on the right hand side and click New next to Overlay and select your door image.

Erase From Selection and work your way round the door, removing the unwanted area around it.

Click Move, Rotate and Scale button and move the door to your chosen location and remove anything else if needed.Untitled-4Click New next to Overlay and select your Spaceman image. Reduce the Opacity so you can see the door behind.

Move your Spaceman so he fits where the door is and click Select Area and Erase From Selection and work your way round the door frame.

You want to make sure that the lines are exact with the door frame, this will take a little while to get exact, zooming in helps a lot with this.
Untitled-5If like the doors in this picture, they blend in too much with the background click on the Area Treatment button and select over the doors and adjust the sliders to what looks best for your doors.Untitled-11For a final touch click the Effects Gallery button and find the effect Hyper-real, it gives the image a slightly more cinematic effect.

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