Confidentiality and Security of Your Information

At Piximplanet, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of the information you provide when using our services. We want to assure you that all information you enter for purchasing our products will not be shared with any other companies or individuals. Periodically, we may send campaign information, updates about new developments, and promotional materials to our subscribers and members. However, the choice to receive such information is entirely up to you.

All the information you provide while being a member is accessible only to you, and you have the ability to update and modify it. By ensuring the security of your login credentials, you can prevent unauthorized access and changes to your information. Throughout the membership process, you will be operating within a 128-bit SSL security environment, which is an internationally recognized encryption standard that cannot be compromised.

Credit Card Security

At Piximplanet, we prioritize the security of credit card holders who use our system to make purchases. Please note that we do not store any credit card information in our system. When you enter your credit card details for payment, the information is securely transmitted to our payment processors, such as PayPal or Iyzico (a PayU company), via encrypted connections. These payment processors handle and process your payment information in accordance with their respective Privacy Policies.

During the subscription process, it is important to be aware of the security indicators in your browser. Look for a key or lock symbol on the address line, which signifies that you are on a secure internet page where all your information is encrypted and protected. Rest assured that the information you provide is solely used for the subscription process and in accordance with your instructions.

The credit card information used for subscriptions is encrypted using the 128-bit SSL protocol and sent securely to the relevant payment company for verification. As we do not have access to or store any card information, it is strictly prohibited for third parties to obtain this information under any circumstances.

Email Security

We strongly advise against writing down your credit card number or passwords in emails sent to us via our site’s contact form. We cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted via email, and it is essential to exercise caution when sharing sensitive information through email communication.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the security of your information, please do not hesitate to contact us.